• The Line Hotel - Carina Room (map)
  • 1770 Euclid Street NW
  • Washington, DC 20009
  • United States

Details below are from Create + Cultivate’s website for the listed event:

“Resistance. Defined as the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. It's easy to sit by and let things happen; it's harder to stand up and fight for what you want. Based on the acclaimed sci-fi novel, The Man in The High Castle imagines a world divided post- WWII. In the new season, the Resistance rises as Juliana fights for a world she believes in, an ethos we hold near and dear to us. 

Because we want you to feel inspired. To go out and shake things up. Join us as we head to Washington, D.C., Portland and Atlanta to host panel discussions with some of the most inspiring changemakers we know at a time where our voices matter most. Plus, sip on delicious bevies and mix and mingle with your fellow RESISTers. RSVP [here] for what is sure to be a powerful meeting of the minds!”