Today’s post has been sponsored by Identity Protection Planning. 

What’s that saying about the ups and downs of parenting? It doesn’t come with a manual? Despite the existence of What to Expect When You’re Expecting and What to Expect: First Year, there certainly isn’t a What to Expect When Your Child’s Identity Gets Stolen on the Black Market. For all the advice offered on character building and potty training, there’s little to no guidance on how to protect our children from online hackers. Never mind that child identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. 

It can be hard enough trying to avoid the phishing emails and other more easily detected scams. With all the other tasks filling my to-do list, I can’t say that I’d ever considered the need for protecting my daughter’s social security number (SSN). 

I’d like to think my reasoning is pretty solid, seeing as our SSN’s often go unused until we reach a working age or begin applying for credit. However, those versed in the Dark Web aren’t hardly concerned with legalities. They’re capable of creating false identities for the SSN’s of our children, and data breaches make access to this information all the more readily available. 

Thankfully, Identity Protection Planning, LLC has created comprehensive plans intended to protect the entire family against the ills of identity theft. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 25% of children will be victims of identity theft before their 18th birthday. For roughly 80 cents a day, a family of four can protect themselves against this possibility.

In the same way we don’t hesitate to create savings account or open UGMA’s ensuring our children’s future, visiting and securing one of their plans can prevent the time and money it would take on the back end to administer identity theft recovery. This company was founded by Dana Mantilia, a Certified Identification Protection Advisor and a mother with 3 children of her own, plus 4 bonus children from marriage. In addition to protecting families against identify theft, she seeks to educate them on this issue and help them organize themselves against it.  

Click here to learn how Identron is different from other identity theft protect companies. Your family may never thank you, but I doubt it’s the first (or last) decision you’ve made to protect them that may go unnoticed.